Buying and Selling with David Brumer:


As an industry professional in the local area, I have learned that selling real estate in today's technology-driven marketplace is no longer something that can be accomplished by one agent acting alone. It takes a commitment to having a team in place that knows their area of expertise better than anyone else in order to satisfy the demands of today's buyer or seller in this competitive market place.

That’s why, after years in this industry, we have created our Team. We have assembled a team of the most talented technology specialists and back-office services team in order to work with our clients. At every step of the way, our customers are working with an expert.

Our team knows that today's customer expects what they want, when they want it, so we have designed a complete infrastructure for rapid, high quality response to your questions, and sophisticated marketing programs that reach buyers for our customers that are selling their homes as well.

We've written extensively about our competitive advantages for people here on this website. Contact me any time, I am ready to help you make your next move!

When my clients speak, I listen